Costume FAQ


Do I have to prewash fabrics?

It depends on the kind of fabric. Polyester knits won’t shrink when they are washed. Cotton or cotton blends will shrink and need to be washed before you cut out your costume to keep it from shrinking after it is finished.


Can I sew some parts of costume and glue other parts?

Yes you can use a combination of sewing and gluing. Whatever your skill set is and works best for you.


Can I use clear thread?

Yes you can use clear thread for hand sewing, it is a bit of a pain to work with so I sugggest using a cotton/poly blend thread in a color close to your fabric. I DO NOT recommend for sewing machines. You set up tension on upper and lower tension guides and it can really mess up your machine.


Do I have to use a cutting board like you use in the videos?

No. You can use the floor, preferably without carpet or a table. Just keep in mind that you will be using markers and glue so be sure to protect the surface if necessary.


Why do I have to add to my measurements?

You want to be able to move once your costume is finished. Adding to your measurements allows for movement so you do not split seams.


What is seam allowance?

Seam allowance is usually about a ½” and the amount of fabric from the seam to the cut edge of fabric.


Do I have to add Seam Allowance?

Yes you need to add seam allowance, it helps to hold costume together.


What kind of shoes are best for making shoe or boot covers?

You can use almost any shoe or boot to make covers (spats) but shoes that have a heel with an arch are best so the elastic will not be rubbing on the ground.


How much fabric do I need?

Fabric charts are included with each video to give you a guide as to how much fabric you will need.


What if my glue shows thru?

Glue some type of trim or ribbon over glued area.


How to dye elastic nude?

You dip white elastic in a hot cup of coffee or tea and let set for awhile. The longer it sets the darked it will become. Rinse lightly so you do not rinse all the color out.


How to glue vinyl:

Vinyl is shiney on one side and usually has a fabric backing. Placing glue on the fabric is not a problem. But when you need to glue on shiney side of vinyl, it is best to take an emery board (nail file) and scratch the surface a little for better glue adhesion.





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