Fabrics and trims are available in sorts of colors and textures. I recommend using fabrics with some stretch for most clothing.   Trims can really add some drama or pizazz to your costume. The accessories add the finishing touch to your costume. Fabrics and trims can get costly so think about bits and pieces you have around the house for trims. Thrift stores can be a good place to get sheets and/or curtains to use for capes. You can also pick up some leather pieces to cut up for belts. Grab some jewelry for glittering trim.



Polyester Knit-Poly knits usually come in 60″ width and a wide variety of colors and textures. Some are stretcheir than others. Do not use any knits that suer stretchy because they will be difficult to work with. Poly knits can be used for almost any costume.

Craft Foam-Craft foam is about 1/8″ thick and comes in sheets 9″ v 12″ or 12″ x 18″. It is available is a variety colors and textures. It is good for under layer of belts and collars to help hold their shape.

Cotton-Cotton fabrics usually come in 45″ widths and wide variety of colors and prints. Cottons do not stretch. It is a good idea to pre-wash cottons as they can shrink when laundered. Cottons are good for skirts, aprons, vests, collars, clowns and can be used to cover wings.

Lace Trim-Lace trims come is a variety types and widths. Some are flat and some ruffled. Narrower lace trims are good for almost anything but wide flat lace trims do not curve. 

Felt-Felt is a fabric with lots of loose fibers pressed together. It usually comes in 72″ width. It does not stretch. Felt is great for accessories but not for clothing.

Feathers-Feathers come in a wide variety of colors and types. Feathers can be glued on to costumes and accessories for a touch of drama and whimsey.

Fleece-Fleece is soft and slightly stretchy and available in a wide variety colors and textures. Fleecs can be used for almost any costume or accessory except petticoats. Do to nap (thickness) of fleece, you may need to use a little extra glue and press firmly to insure good adhesion. 

Ribbons-Ribbons are available in large variety of colors, widths and textures. Ribbons do not work well around curves. You want to test a smaple peice of ribbon to see how it works with glue. 

Lace-Lace fabric is usually a polyester blend and available in all types of designs and textures. Lace can be used for clothing and accessories but I recommend something with a bit stretch for clothing.

Rick Rack-Rick rack is a zig zag type of trim. It comes is a variety of colors and sizes. It goes around curves nicely. Add some glitter or sequins to make it sparkle.

Net or Tulle-Net is like a fish net type of polyester fabric and bit stiff. Tulle is similar  but with smaller holes and is a bit softer. Net is great for petticoats. Both are good for veils.

Sequin Trim-Sequin trim is available in large variety of colors and shapes. Some are  stretchy. Sequin trim is good to add some sparkle to any costume or accessory.

Sequin Cloth-Sequin cloth is available in a big variety of colrs and types. Sequin cloth usually has a bit of stretch so it is good for almost all costumes and accessories.

Elastic-Elastic is available in a large variety widths and types. Generally used around waists and wrists to hold fabric close to body. 1/2″ Clear is good for chin straps.

Suede Cloth-Suede cloth is a faux version of suede. Suede cloth does not stretch so if you use for clothing add an inch or two to your measurements to allow for movement. Suede cloth is good for all accessories.

Velcro-Velcro is a two side tape to hold items together. It is available in a variety of colors and widths and is sold by the yard  or in packages. Be sure to use plenty of glue to secure the Velcro to fabrics even when using  sticky back Velcro.

Vinyl-Vinly is available is large variety of colors and textures. Most only have a little bit of stretch so I do not recommend for clothing other than vests or skirts. It is good for all accessories.

Fake Fur-Fake fur comes in lots of fun colors and textures. Fake fur does not usually stretch so is not good for most costumes but is great for accessories.

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